Bend over . . . ’cause you may be paying for it again! or is that still?

On Monday, May 18, 2015 at the scheduled Selectmen’s meeting a letter was entered in from Beaver Ridge Wind — the company who currently owns the 3 wind turbines located on Beaver Ridge. We haven’t managed to get our hands on a copy of this letter, but we are in the process of getting one and will make it available once we do.

rsz_6btap7yi8 (1)According to my husband and some neighbors who attended a special meeting on Monday, April 13th, a request from Beaver Ridge Wind was submitted to the town asking for a 30% abatement on their Beaver Ridge project. While the Selectmen wouldn’t agree to the full abatement request, sources say that a partial abatement of just under 10% was agreed upon based on the projects performance. From what we’ve heard (and this is hear-say as we haven’t seen the letter) the Beaver Ridge Wind company is planning on suing the town of Freedom if we don’t agree to their full 30% abatement request.

Not only are we continuing to pay for these industrial wind turbine via our taxes, decreased property values and quality of life, but now it seems we will be paying for them once again.

Stay tuned for more info . . .

We’ve received additional information . . .
The selectmen proposed an offer of a 5% cut for the current year as they determined the BRW project has dropped about 5% since the farm become operational in 2008. It was pointed out that BRW made their abatement request earlier in the year. The request from BRW was for an abatement of 30% of the total value, based on six years of depreciation at a rate of 5% each year.

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