Grey knights slayed! Dragon wins!

As you’ve probably seen on our About Beaver Ridge Wind page the 3 industrial wind turbine project on Beaver Ridge is the only non-regulated industrial wind site in the state of Maine and is the only one not approved by the Department of Environmental Protection. Why is that? Don’t the residents of Freedom deserve the same rights and protections from our state and government? I’m speaking for my own family here when I say I submit tax forms every year not only to the state, but to the federal government. Doesn’t my family matter?

rsz_ritter-bras-leveApparently not. We are not rich enough or powerful enough to matter. We are nobodies in the grand scheme of things. That became abundantly clear to me and my family when we received tepid support from our own community and no support from our elected town officials in regards to the Beaver Ridge Wind project. Everybody knows the only thing that matters to wind turbine companies is the money they can make. It’s their business. It’s their job. They will to do whatever they can do to sell their product, utilize whatever marketing techniques work to bring in the dollars. You can’t fault them for that. Welcome to the world of business. But you can fault those that are in positions of “power” who are supposed to protect — to slay the dragons, so to speak — and don’t. (Wow! “squirreled” there . . . back to the point of this post . . .)

While browsing the web I came across an article posted by Citizens’ Task Force on Wind Power — Maine. You can also access this article via our On a Related Note page. It’s in regards to residents of Freedom submitting a bill (L.D. 711) before legislation. Yes, this is old news, but I wanted to bring it back to the forefront of everyone’s minds. Why? Because this is just one, small example of how greed, in whatever form it has taken, can influence even those that sit high upon yonder grey steed.

Within this article it is said, and I quote:
“At this legislative session, Rep. Ryan Harmon, R-Palermo, at my request, submitted L.D. 711, which would have required the noise control rules within the Site Review Law be applied to Beaver Ridge Wind. These are the same noise rules that have been in effect in Maine for more than years, and the same noise rules that apply to every other wind site in Maine.”

The article goes on to say that at least 20 supporters from Freedom and elsewhere came to testify about the bill and the hopes were high about it passing through. Residents of Freedom would matter!

But alas, no! The battle is lost. Again, I quote from the article:
“I thought, given the testimony, that L.D. 711 had a chance. But then Beaver Ridge Wind requested a behind closed-door meeting, first with a member of the administration and then with the co-chairman of the Energy Committee. Pressure apparently was applied, and L.D. 711 was the first of the committee’s wind measures that was killed.

So, once again, we are told that the people in the Beaver Ridge neighborhood are not entitled to equal protection. Once again, it’s apparent to me that money, not people, has the deciding influence in Augusta.”

I tried to find, via web searching, any information regarding L.D. 711, but was unable to do so. I believe there may have been another bill submitted before legislation pertaining to about the same thing, but couldn’t find anything about a second bill either. If anyone has any additional information in regards to this post, please let me know and I’ll do a follow-up.

The conclusion I came to upon reading this article: My family does not matter. We do not deserve the same rights, opportunities, and protections as other taxpayers. The welfare of  my family and our neighbors do not matter. How about I don’t pay my taxes this year or next! Bet I’ll matter then. Big time . . .

I admit I’m in no way knowledgable about politics and all the little nuances involved so I can only wonder why law makers would play along with the games companies like Beaver Ridge Wind play . . . but play them they do. Question is: are law makers the pawns rather than the knights?

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” — Edmund Burke

Clipart courtesy of cyrille at openclipart