“Insanity follows!”

A couple of the “Family” members were sitting around talking about the posts that have been made on our blog and those that we still needed to do. I mentioned that one of our most visited pages was the “Serenity, Now!” post or the “rant” as some of the Family members refer to it as. This lead to a discussion about why? Which then lead to a hilarious debate regarding the various noises generated by the Beaver Ridge Wind turbines. Yes, sound effects were included. And no, no alcohol was involved.

What resulted was insanity. We have dubbed as many of the noises as we can recall with names! Yes, as I’ve stated insanity. This is what it has come to: laugh or cry!

Below I’ve listed as many of the names as I can remember from that afternoon:

The Helicopter (The whomp, whomp, whomp – like, you guessed it, helicopter blades)
The Ultrasound (The fast, double swishing sound – like the sound of your baby’s heartbeat coming through a fetal heart monitor – though definitely not as soothing.)
The Heartbeat (The whomp whomp, whomp whomp, whomp whomp – like a fast heartbeat)
The Swoosh (Similar to The Ultrasound, but deeper and not as fast)
The Machine (Sounds like heavy machinery running just out of sight – not consistent like the drone.)
The Heavy-Metal (The Machine with a chorus of clanking accompaniments)
The Drone (The airplane flying overhead that never gets any where)
The Chalkboard (The screeching, grinding noise that has only happened on a few occasions, but we thought it deserved recognition)

I’m sure I’ve left some out and most are cliched, but I thought that I’d provide a little humor to a situation that is not at all funny! Call it free therapy.

“I quit therapy because my analyst was trying to help me behind my back.” — Richard Lewis