Freedom Planning Board Considering a Reintroduction of the Wind Turbine Ordinance

The Beaver Dam received some great news from SallyAnn Hadyniack, a member of the Freedom Planning Board Committee. The Planning Board is considering the possibility of reintroducing the Wind Turbine Ordinance that was voted out by residents in 2012.

Because the Freedom Town Ordinance was voted out, as it was too restrictive to allow the current turbines in, a new Wind Turbine Ordinance was drafted in 2012 to protect Freedom residents against further development to the current — and any future — wind projects. The Wind Turbine Ordinance lost by 3 votes in 2012. It was a sad day for the families involved in this blog. As with the voting out of the town ordinance, it was driven home once again that greed takes presidence over community welfare.


Some questions The Beaver Dam would like to know from Freedom residents:

  • Knowing what you know now, are you willing to allow more turbines to be erected in your town? (Let’s not forget the interest shown by BRW representatives in the property on Sanford Hill.)
  • Are you satisfied with the current situation we now find ourselves in? (The town now has to pay out a 30% abatement request made by BRW – brushed aside during initial negotiations – for the next 14 years.)
  • Do you feel that the wind project owners were honest and straightforward in their dealings – past and present – with our town? And, are you willing to take the chance that any future negotiations will be different?
  • Do you think the current Commercial Development Ordinance is enough to protect our town from being further damaged by wind development companies? (As far as we know, Freedom has not put a new Town Ordinance in place.)
  • Don’t you think it’s about time that we come together as a community, once again, and start the process of taking back our town from the greed and corruptness that has effected our quality of life?

The regular Planning Board meeting, scheduled on Tuesday, September 8th, will focus exclusively on this issue and the Freedom Planning Board encourages all concerned citizens to attend and offer up any thoughts they have on the proposed reintroduction of this ordinance.

We here at The Beaver Dam are also sending out a plea . . . attend the meeting and find out how you can help! We need to put balance back into our lives and place the power back where it belongs, in the hands of the people who make up our community.

“Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.” — Paul Ryan