As Fall Approaches . . . So Does Our Trepidation

Well, summer is winding down — vacations have been taken, canning is almost done, the kiddies are back in school and The Families are hoping to get back into regularly meeting once again.

And, fall is almost upon us as we here at the Littlefield homestead are very aware of. This past weekend has been unbearable. For the past two nights and into the early morning hours the turbines have been thumping, thrashing and swooshing away. (We’ve noted it on our on-going tracking sheet.) This morning three of us woke up with headaches and the aspirin was passed around. An unpleasant way to spend a holiday weekend!

And so it begins — as fall continues to approach, the Littlefield homestead will become even more toxic.

A squirrel, kind of: My daughter and I were sitting at our bar the other morning and she said, “Listen to this, mom.” She held up her little iphone 4 and pressed a button. A recording filled the kitchen and, at first, all I could hear was someone talking and then I realized what I was hearing in the background was the turbines thrashing away. My daughter told me that the night before, while sitting in our living room (which is the furthest room from the turbines) watching TV, she was playing with her phone and had captured the recording we were listening to. I told her to not erase it and that I’d post it here on the blog. (After I figure out how to do that, this is.)

If a little iphone 4 can capture the noise produced by the turbines — in the furthest room in our home and with the TV going — what would sophisticated equipment have caught? Probably nothing that would be made public, that’s for sure. It would be explained away as wind in the trees or would be unusable because of some type of noise interference — as many of the recordings were in the last wind study. Thing is, even with the poor sound quality, we can hear a pulsing rhythm in the background that normal static noise wouldn’t produce. I told my daughter to continue to record anything she could and I’d try and create a page with her recordings on the blog for everyone to hear.

Stayed tuned . . . and have a wonderful Labor Day folks!