How Will The Wind Ordinance Be Voted In?

The Planning Board meeting opened with Bill Pickford stating that it was up to the town’s selectmen to decide how the Wind Ordinance would be put forth for town vote.

The Planning Board members have set a tentative time for a public hearing for the week after the next Planning Board meeting scheduled for November 10th. Freedom residents will receive the official announcement via mail and public postings.

Selectman Steve Bennett, who attended the meeting, said he would bring it up at the next Board of Selectman’s meeting and would get back to the Planning Board about their decision.

The selectmen will need to decide:

  • Will it be voted on directly after the Planning Board’s public hearing
  • By a special town meeting following the public hearing
  • During the annual town meeting, or
  • By a special ballot vote.

The deadline for having it on the November special election ballot has been missed.

It was pointed out that the majority of the surrounding towns had voted in their ordinances by a show of hands directly following their public hearings. This gave residents the opportunity to ask questions, voice concerns and then vote. The Planning Board raised the question of cost for a ballot vote as this would be the most expensive option for the town.

A brief discussion about Freedom’s purposed Wind Ordinance versus the state’s model ordinance ensued. Freedom’s ordinance is a little more strict and does include set back guidelines, which the state’s model ordinance doesn’t. The board was also informed that the state’s model is just that: a model. The Planning Board would be better served by comparing the ordinance to state statutes and not the model. They agreed they would delve deeper.

So, the question on The Beaver Dam’s mind: Which option would be best for voting in the Wind Ordinance? I think most of the families agree: A public hearing followed by a vote is they way to go.