Place The Power Back Where It Belongs! Vote In Favor Of The Wind Ordinance

After some discussion about the best venue to use, it was decided by the selectmen last night that a public hearing followed by a vote is how the purposed Wind Ordinance will, once again, be put before the town of Freedom. It was not clear if the vote will be by raised hand or secret ballot.

It was the Beaver Dam’s understanding that The Planning Board would be giving the public hearing, but by the sounds of last nights meeting it will be led by the Board of Selectmen. The public hearing will be held in the election hall on NOVEMBER 17, 2015 at 7:00 pm. All concerned residents are encouraged to attend and vote.

Squirrel: During last night’s meeting one of the topics of discussion was that Freedom’s value has increased by about 1.2 million from the previous year. The selectmen were not sure why and will be looking into it, but the fact remains that if, we, as residents don’t put some type of protection in place the possibility of more industrial wind turbines being erected in our town may happen. We all know what that means. Let’s not forget about the abatement looming over us that Freedom resident’s will be paying for because of the existing turbines.

Another squirrel: One of the residents present gave an update on the Sandford Hill property sold to Dirigo Timberlands. Trucks have come out steadily loaded with small wood. What this means nobody is sure, but the question is: is it being cleared to promote new tree growth or for some other reason?

The families would like to put forth the same questions to Freedom residents that we asked before:

  • Knowing what you know now, are you willing to allow more turbines to be erected in your town? (Let’s not forget the interest shown by BRW representatives in the property on Sanford Hill.)
  • Are you satisfied with the current situation we now find ourselves in? (The town now has to pay out a 30% abatement request made by BRW – brushed aside during initial negotiations – for the next 14 years.)
  • Do you feel that the wind project owners were honest and straightforward in their dealings – past and present – with our town? And, are you willing to take the chance that any future negotiations will be different?
  • Do you think the current Commercial Development Ordinance is enough to protect our town from being further damaged by wind development companies? (As far as we know, Freedom has not put a new Town Ordinance in place.)
  • Don’t you think it’s about time that we come together as a community, once again, and start the process of taking back our town from the greed and corruptness that has effected our quality of life?
  • We here at The Beaver Dam encourage Freedom resident’s to attend the meeting and vote the Wind Ordinance in! We really do need to put balance back into our lives and place the power back where it belongs, in the hands of the people who make up our community.