Yeah, Sure. Happy Thanksgiving!

The Littlefield’s family Thanksgiving Day didn’t start out too bad. We had a wonderful lunch with family, stuffed ourselves silly, and headed home to laze around and digest our meal. Unfortunately for us the wind was blowing from the SW and the turbines were thumping and thrashing away. It was aggravating, but bearable with the TV turned up to drown out some of the noise, but as the evening wore on the turbines just got louder. And still louder — through the night and well into late Friday evening.

On a day that families come together to express thanks, we here at the Littlefield homestead were feeling far from thankful. By Friday morning there was no goodwill towards our fellow man or even each other. We were all cranky and irritable, tired and snapping at each other. Our son hung out in the living room for most of Friday, too tired to make any attempt to do much of anything — except raise the volume on the TV. Our daughter hid out in her room with her ear buds in and her music turned up in a vain attempt to drown out the noise — not only from the turbines, but the blaring TV. My plans to get some cyber Christmas shopping done went up in smoke as my head hurt too much to want to get on the computer. I wasn’t feeling very generous anyway, so it’s a good thing I didn’t attempt it. The only one to get any relief from the chaos was hubby, who had gone hunting early Friday morning. Though, I did notice when he came home for lunch, the aspirin bottle was the first thing he grabbed.

Finally, sometime very early Saturday morning the wind must have died down or shifted and the turbines quieted down. Relief. We let the kids sleep in, hubby headed out to spend the day hunting and I sat down to enjoy some morning java in peace and quiet. Ah, bliss . . .

Another family holiday ruined. Thank you.

We here on the ridge hope everyone else had a wonderful Thanksgiving!