A Bit of Controversy in Freedom

There was a little bit of a stir-up at last Monday night’s Board of Selectmens Meeting. We missed the prior meeting the Monday before, but apparently a complaint was put forth about some geese wandering free. In addition to trespassing on neighbor’s property, they are creating a health hazard by lying in the road and refusing to move for traffic. Hubby and I were not aware of what was going on until the last meeting when the town’s ACO brought up the issue and stated that he would give the owner’s of the geese a fine and, according to state law, it could be taken further, if needed.

Another Freedom resident, Bob Gerrish, spoke up at this point. He wanted to know why the town would immediately jump all over the issue with the geese, but wouldn’t do anything about resident’s complaints regarding the noise produced by the Beaver Ridge wind turbines. He stated that for the past 5 years he, himself, had attended the majority of the selectmens meetings and complained about the noise. So far noise complaints have been met with nothing but shrugs and silence.

As town officials are willing and able to take action on citizen’s complaints (demonstrated by the geese issue) Gerrish wanted to know what the town was going to do about the noise nuisance caused by the turbines.

After a moment of tense silence the Selectmens varying responses were that because the Beaver Ridge wind turbines are not state regulated there was really nothing the selectmen could do to enforce compliance. If residents have complaints they are told to go to the source. Bob said that he had done that and gotten no further going that route than he had with his own town. After a bit more discussion back and forth Bob abruptly left the meeting with a naughty salutation to the selectmen.

Hubby wasn’t ready to let the issue go, however. He raised his hand and stated he wanted an answer to Bob’s question. What was the town going to do about the nuisance of the noise produced by the Beaver Ridge wind turbines? We, the Littlefields, had also complained to the town, to the wind turbine company and to DEP with no results.

The tension in the room escalated again. The discussion continued mentioning the fact that some residents had tried going to the state, but the effort was futile.

Side note: Selectman Ron Price was one of the resident’s who went before the state, but because he rents his property to the wind turbine company he testified in their favor.

Selectman Brian Jones did state that there would be no relief from the state or from the town. We left the meeting feeling as Bob did and mentally gave the governing officials the same salutation.

Oh, by the way, it was decided to give the owner’s of the geese another warning instead of proceeding with issuing a fine. Too funny!