Digging Deep

As Freedom resident’s, who are affected by the noise produced by the Beaver Ridge Wind turbines, we are digging deeper into what can be done about the disruption to our use and enjoyment of our property. With no aid from our state or from our town officials it’s up to us to seek whatever relief we can achieve.

There are a few of us taking time to research state laws and statutes — tedious and time-consuming though it is. And, we may have stumbled upon a small find.

Some Freedom resident’s had put forth a noise abatement request to the Town of Freedom on our property taxes and were denied. The good news is we’ve discovered some state statutes regarding abatements for nuisance we are hoping will support our endeavors to receive some compensation for our pain and suffering.

Some of these statutes are geared more for hazardous buildings or waste, etc., but some do leave the door open for general nuisances. Some need court action, others seem to be town regulated like this one:

§2853. Municipal officers may order nuisance abated

We are seeking the advice of professionals on how effective going this route will be, but some Freedom residents feel that if the town wanted the turbines here — by whatever means necessary — the town should deal with the consequences.

We’ll keep everyone updated on our progress, but The Beaver Dam does encourage any Freedom resident’s adversely affected by the Beaver Ridge wind turbines to submit annual noise abatement requests to the town.