Spring Is In The Air . . . Or Something . . .

The trees and grass are green, flowers are abundant and the birds are singing: It feels and sounds like spring. Most of the spring-cleaning has been done at the Littlefield homestead. Windows have been washed and screens put back in so we can enjoy the fresh air. Or we would if the Beaver Ridge wind turbines weren’t in our backyard.

For the past few months they’ve been thumping and thrashing away day and night. We can tolerate about a half hour with our bedroom windows on the nights they are active, but that’s about it. Then the windows are closed and the fans come on – not only to provide a little breeze, but also to drown out some of the noise. The kids have been sleeping with their TVs on in an attempt to buffer some of the noise that the turbines are producing.

Our neighbors, the Gerrish’s, have become increasing frustrated. Recently Bob came to us and discussed a petition he’d like to circulate around town in order to get these things slowed down at night. At least down to state regulated noise levels. I’m not exactly sure how Todd Presson became involved but Bob was told by him that if he pursued this venue that the turbine company would sue the town. We’ll have to get Bob to write a post on the full aspects of this story, but for now, let’s just say that this is how these companies operate. BE WARNED! Be very, very careful about any dealings your town has with industrial wind turbine companies. They use bullying and threat tactics to keep towns in line.

The Littlefield’s have been busy so we haven’t attended many of the Selectmen’s meetings. Not that we have the desire to go to many of them anymore. It doesn’t seem to get us anywhere. We did learn that after the last meeting we attended (see our A Bit of Controversy in Freedom post) a representative from the industrial wind turbine company attended a few following meetings. Not sure why. We were not aware of this until afterward and nobody has come to the homestead to talk to us. Which is not surprising as the only times we’ve been approached it was because we created some type of a stir up. A placate the natives type visit that accomplished nothing.

Time to get ready for work . . . have a wonderful day folks!