Wind Turbine Company Creates Path of Destruction in Freedom

The wind turbine company has created a path of destruction located under the transmission lines that run from the Mitchell Road in Freedom, over the Beaver to the wind turbines.

According to representatives from the wind turbine company, who attended a couple of the Board of Selectmen meetings, a chemical was sprayed to kill any vegetation around and under the lines. When residents voiced concern about this, they were told that the company had every right to do this.

Turbine Distrubtion_3

Turbine Distrubtion_2

At this time we don’t know exactly what chemical was used, but surrounding homesteads are concerned as water flows downhill from the top of the hill and surrounding ponds and brooks may be affected. Next to the bottom of this dead trail lays Penny Pond and at the tip lays a brook that flows to Freedom Pond.

Turbine Distrubtion_4

Turbine Distrubtion_5 copy

We’re digging into this matter further, but how “green” can these monstrosities be if this much surrounding vegetation (looks to be about 12 acres) is destroyed? In Freedom this part of the transmission lines running through uncultivated land is relatively small compared to other places where the transmission lines may run for much further. Do you want to see this much nature destroyed in your community?

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    We haven’t got all the deets on the chemical used to kill the vegetation under the power lines, but we were told it was a type of Round-Up. The chemical composition is similar.