Are Wind Turbines Really “Green” Or Is It An Illusion? Abracadabra!

Seems this scam, instigated by Richard Silkman (Competitive Energy Services LLC), was one of the reasons for the financial collapse of Lincoln Paper, thus putting a lot of people out of work.

FERC, Lincoln Paper and Tissue estate settle $5 million lawsuit.

BANGOR, Maine — A federal agency has settled its $5 million civil lawsuit against Lincoln Paper Tissue LLC by agreeing to seek restitution for a lesser amount when claims filed by unsecured creditors against the bankrupt mill’s estate are processed, officials said Monday. . . .

FERC alleged that Lincoln Paper manipulated a demand-response program administered by ISO-New England that paid end users to reduce their electricity consumption during peak hours.

FERC alleged that Lincoln Paper and Tissue manipulated the demand-response program by establishing “a false baseline to create the illusion” that the end user was reducing its consumption of electricity. That, in turn, allowed the end user “to extract payments for phantom load reductions,” according to the lawsuit.

Lincoln Paper and Tissue officials and their consultants denied the allegations. They filed motions seeking that the case should be dismissed because FERC did not provide fair notice or enough specificity in its charges and that the penalty is beyond the statute of limitations and outside the commission’s jurisdiction. . . .

FERC had filed two similar complaints against Rumford Paper Co. and the Portland-based consultant Competitive Energy Services alongside the Lincoln lawsuit. Rumford settled the claims for $3 million in 2013. Claims against Competitive Energy Services and its owner, Richard Silkman, were transferred in April from a federal court in Massachusetts to U.S. District Court in Maine. That case is in the discovery phase, to establish the record of evidence for the case should it continue to trial.

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Yup. I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy and ready to support the wind power craze that seems to be inflicting our beautiful state and run by these types of businesses. Seriously, WTFudge!

On a side note: A month or so ago I tried to locate FERC data on the BRW turbines in Freedom. I haven’t been able to find any data for the past few quarters. Huh!

Case 1:13-cv-13054-DPW Document 65 Filed 04/11/16

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