Proverb: The art of using deceit and cunning grow continually weaker and less effective to the user

We recently saw a Maine Sunday Telegram newspaper that had an article about a proposed industrial wind turbine being established in R.I. Apparently R.I. made history by becoming the first U.S. state to have an offshore wind farm, but controversy has sprung up because residents of North Smithfield do not want the turbines on land near where they live.

The focus of the story was about a resident who is leasing property to a wind developer in the hopes that it will keep it in the family. Residents of North Smithfield voiced concerns about noise, maintenance and “shadow flicker” that are produced by wind turbines. The Beaver Dam families can all verify that these are valid concerns. The shadow flicker produced by the BRW turbines affects several of the ridge families and we all are afflicted by the noise produced by these monstrosities. Squirrel: As fall descends, we here at the Littlefield homestead have had very little peace for several weeks. On several occasions the noise generated by one or another of the turbines has been indicative of needed maintenance and becomes even more annoying than the “regular” [snort] sounds we deal with. Another squirrel: Once these clankity, squealing sounds start it makes us wonder if our wishes will come true and one of turbines will be deemed unfixable and become decommissioned. One down, two to go becomes a mantra. I know the ridge families cross their fingers in unison at the onset.

The last few paragraphs mention a wind developer quoted as saying, “Once turbines are up, people don’t complain about them,” . . . “It’s like anything new. It becomes part of your background after a while.”

NOT TRUE. Families here on the beaver have not grown accustomed to the turbines erected on our ridge. Even after almost ten years they continue to be disruptive and certainly are not considered background noise. In fact, they are so disruptive and have created so many health issues that families are packing up and moving away one by one. We’ve lost several neighbors who “just couldn’t take it anymore” and have relocated to healthier communities. Other residents who had been pro turbine or neutral prior to their arrival now approach us and apologize for the part they played — or didn’t play — in allowing them into our town. Many have said they wished they could have a do-over.

Additionally, we have heard from residents of other towns about the disruptiveness of these wind turbines within their own communities. About the health effects that have developed among them and about the atrocities that have been committed by wind developers in order to sell their products by any means necessary. Heck, there are many websites and blogs dedicated to helping communities understand the adverse effects these wind farms have when placed near homesteads and populated areas. PEOPLE DON’T COMPLAIN MY A**!

FYI: One thing I want to mention that we’ve heard many times, is that for those families that are unable to get fair market value for their properties and resort to negotiating with the wind development companies to “buy them out”: It comes with a price. A GAG ORDER! THESE UNFORTUNATES ARE FORBIDDEN TO VOICE ANY NEGATIVITY AGAINST WIND DEVELOPERS OR THEIR PRODUCTS.

We’ve heard from those who sought compensation from wind development companies for any type of relief that can be had, whether it be a building being erected and paid for by the developers that will “supposedly” hamper the noise and flicker their homes are being buffeted by or by reimbursement of needless – not to mention useless – construction that is being done to upgrade windows and doors to homesteads post wind farm arrival. Many are not complaining because they can’t once the papers are signed.

Here’s a thought: Why are these wind development companies so eager to offer compensation when complaints arise? Guilty consciences? Ha! Fear? Perhaps. What happens to a company who specializes in a particular product when there are no more customers willing to risk purchasing it? Hmmm . . .

Recently we learned that our very own Gerrish family is packing up and moving. They have been considering it for a while now, but hadn’t started those final steps necessary to relocate. Alas, after spending some time away from the ridge and realizing how much better they felt — physically and emotionally — their decision has been made. We wish them well.

We’ve heard rumors that there are several other families on the ridge who are also preparing for their own moves. It’s saddening to realize that our friends and neighbors are being forced to leave their homes due to other’s ignorance or greed. The Littlefield’s have hungered down to stay in the hope’s we can outlast them. Wish us luck!

Article Credit
Portland Press Herald
Wind turbine on R.I. farm generates blowback
MATT O’BRIEN Associated Press
September 3, 2016