The New Year is almost here. And another year closer to the time when the Beaver Ridge wind turbines may be decommissioned. Or we can hope! Pray?

Monday evening the turbine were especially loud. They thumped and thrashed all night. We didn’t get much sleep and ended up spending most of Tuesday in the ER when hubby started having shoulder pains and trouble breathing at about 2:00 am. After a bunch of tests – including a chest ultrasound – they gave him medication to help with pericarditis. He ended up in Portland in 2011 after developing this heart infection and it seems to have started to flare up again. Hmmm . . . wonder why a healthy man (in his late thirties, now early forties) is suddenly having heart issues? When they ran tests back in 2011 they said his heart was completely healthy. No blockages or anything – just the infection in the lining of his heart. And, let’s not forget about Bob. Another perfectly, healthy man who ended up having a small heart attack last year. Couldn’t possibly be a side effect of our “noisy neighbors”? Nope, couldn’t be . . . Blasphemy!

Later that evening we heard from our renters that the turbine had kept them awake most of the night and continued to create havoc through most of Tuesday. They were tired and listless and planned on turning in early in the hopes of feeling better in the morning.

On a healthier note: the Gerrish’s have relocated into their new home. Bob stopped by Monday morning and said that they are doing well. They are more energized, feeling better and loving their new place.

The families have a small betting pool going on about when and who will move into the old Gerrish homestead. Some say it will remain empty. Others say it will be purchased or rented by company personnel or staff family members. So far, we haven’t heard either way. As Bob has stated before he couldn’t find a realtor who would take it on to sell and ended up selling it to the turbine company. It’s their problem now. I’m sure they will have to tell any potential buyers/renters that the homestead is located about 1,500 feet from their monstrosities. We are sure that whomever they get won’t complain.

There has been some activity up at the Gerrish homestead. Last night a pick up truck loaded with sand (let’s hope it wasn’t from the town pit as it was freighted) go up to the Gerrish homestead. Looks like sand was put down all the way to the front door. Hubby plans on asking the selectmen if the town will be charged labor as well as asking where the sand came from. The town doesn’t supply plowing or sand all the way up to the end of the road. Bob said he always had to maintain it himself. We’ve made note of the date and time that the truck went up by. Why question this at all? Because the pick up driver was Travis Price, the son of selectman Ron Price who rents his property to the turbine company. We just want to make sure that town assets aren’t being used to keep up property that the town doesn’t own.

That’s it for now folks! Have a wonderful New Year!

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