Aryn’s Noise Recordings (iphone 4)

NOTE: Aryn’s iphone has been dropped one too many times and we lost all of her noise recordings before they were uploaded. The good news is she received a new one for Christmas and will resume gathering her recordings to be posted.

So, we are attempting to post some recordings my daughter took on her iphone 4 of the Beaver Ridge Wind turbines. The best way, we’ve found, to hear these is to use ear buds. For more information about these, see our As Fall Approaches post. We will continue to add them as she gathers them.

This recording was taken on her iphone 4 on August 29, 2015 between 9:30 and 10:00 pm in front of our house (the turbines are located to the right and back of our home). Yeah, the sound quality is very bad, but you can distinctly hear the pulsing sound produced by the turbines. Imagine what sophisticated equipment would have caught.

Turbine Noise_iphone4_8_29_15