The New Year is almost here. And another year closer to the time when the Beaver Ridge wind turbines may be decommissioned. Or we can hope! Pray?

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Proverb: The art of using deceit and cunning grow continually weaker and less effective to the user

We recently saw a Maine Sunday Telegram newspaper that had an article about a proposed industrial wind turbine being established in R.I. Apparently R.I. made history by becoming the first U.S. state to have an offshore wind farm, but controversy has sprung up because residents of North Smithfield do not want the turbines on land near where they live.

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Are Wind Turbines Really “Green” Or Is It An Illusion? Abracadabra!

Seems this scam, instigated by Richard Silkman (Competitive Energy Services LLC), was one of the reasons for the financial collapse of Lincoln Paper, thus putting a lot of people out of work.

FERC, Lincoln Paper and Tissue estate settle $5 million lawsuit.

BANGOR, Maine — A federal agency has settled its $5 million civil lawsuit against Lincoln Paper Tissue LLC by agreeing to seek restitution for a lesser amount when claims filed by unsecured creditors against the bankrupt mill’s estate are processed, officials said Monday. . . .

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Wind Turbine Company Creates Path of Destruction in Freedom

The wind turbine company has created a path of destruction located under the transmission lines that run from the Mitchell Road in Freedom, over the Beaver to the wind turbines.

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Spring Is In The Air . . . Or Something . . .

The trees and grass are green, flowers are abundant and the birds are singing: It feels and sounds like spring. Most of the spring-cleaning has been done at the Littlefield homestead. Windows have been washed and screens put back in so we can enjoy the fresh air. Or we would if the Beaver Ridge wind turbines weren’t in our backyard.

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Digging Deep

As Freedom resident’s, who are affected by the noise produced by the Beaver Ridge Wind turbines, we are digging deeper into what can be done about the disruption to our use and enjoyment of our property. With no aid from our state or from our town officials it’s up to us to seek whatever relief we can achieve.
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A Bit of Controversy in Freedom

There was a little bit of a stir-up at last Monday night’s Board of Selectmens Meeting. We missed the prior meeting the Monday before, but apparently a complaint was put forth about some geese wandering free. In addition to trespassing on neighbor’s property, they are creating a health hazard by lying in the road and refusing to move for traffic. Hubby and I were not aware of what was going on until the last meeting when the town’s ACO brought up the issue and stated that he would give the owner’s of the geese a fine and, according to state law, it could be taken further, if needed.

Another Freedom resident, Bob Gerrish, spoke up at this point. He wanted to know why the town would immediately jump all over the issue with the geese, but wouldn’t do anything about resident’s complaints regarding the noise produced by the Beaver Ridge wind turbines. He stated that for the past 5 years he, himself, had attended the majority of the selectmens meetings and complained about the noise. So far noise complaints have been met with nothing but shrugs and silence.
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Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow . . .

In our post What could this mean for Maine? (posted by Bob and Cathy Gerrish) one of the questions related to power lines?????. We found this post on Mothers Against Wind Turbines, Inc. that reinforces the destructiveness caused by the erection of these industrial wind turbines.

Cut trees anger property owners

“Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.” — Abraham Lincoln

Maine lawmakers opt not to tinker with electricity deregulation

PORTLAND, Maine — The legislative committee handling energy policy has recommended the state leave it to regulators and the courts to decide whether affiliates of Maine electric utilities can own power generation within the state.
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Want to Listen to the Beaver Ridge Turbines?

Bob and Cathy Gerrish are inviting anyone to their home who would like to hear what industrial wind turbines sound like from 1,500 feet away. Give them a call at 207-382-4060 and pay them a visit. He just called and said they are pretty active tonight.

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