The New Year is almost here. And another year closer to the time when the Beaver Ridge wind turbines may be decommissioned. Or we can hope! Pray?

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Proverb: The art of using deceit and cunning grow continually weaker and less effective to the user

We recently saw a Maine Sunday Telegram newspaper that had an article about a proposed industrial wind turbine being established in R.I. Apparently R.I. made history by becoming the first U.S. state to have an offshore wind farm, but controversy has sprung up because residents of North Smithfield do not want the turbines on land near where they live.

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Spring Is In The Air . . . Or Something . . .

The trees and grass are green, flowers are abundant and the birds are singing: It feels and sounds like spring. Most of the spring-cleaning has been done at the Littlefield homestead. Windows have been washed and screens put back in so we can enjoy the fresh air. Or we would if the Beaver Ridge wind turbines weren’t in our backyard.

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Digging Deep

As Freedom resident’s, who are affected by the noise produced by the Beaver Ridge Wind turbines, we are digging deeper into what can be done about the disruption to our use and enjoyment of our property. With no aid from our state or from our town officials it’s up to us to seek whatever relief we can achieve.
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Want to Listen to the Beaver Ridge Turbines?

Bob and Cathy Gerrish are inviting anyone to their home who would like to hear what industrial wind turbines sound like from 1,500 feet away. Give them a call at 207-382-4060 and pay them a visit. He just called and said they are pretty active tonight.

A question from the Gerrish Family

The Gerrish homestead is about 1,500 ft from one of the Beaver Ridge wind turbines. We’d like to know if there is anyone who has a homestead that close or closer to an industrial wind turbine?

What could this mean for Maine?

It was brought to our attention that the blog has been going crazy with new subscribers in the past few weeks. We’ve been getting 2 to 3 new subscribers each day. WOW! We were asked if we had heard of anything that was going on in the wind turbine industry that would explain all these views and subscribes. We weren’t aware of anything outside the norm until we read a Bangor Daily News Article, dated February 2, 2016. We’re not sure if this is the reason for all the activity, but here’s a condensed version of the post:

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Welcome to the New Year!

Greetings from Beaver Ridge. Our apologies for not posting for a while, the families have been very busy.

Just a quick update before we head off to do our daily routines: the Littlefield’s have added more data to our tracking sheet. Just this past weekend there were two days that the wind turbines were thumping and thrashing away well into the early hours of the morning. Yup, Sunday was headache day for us. Not much got done around the homestead.

Alas, we’ve been so busy we’ve haven’t been able to attend the last few weekly Board of Selectmen’s Meetings — our contacts haven’t called with updates either — so we have no town news to share in regards to the wind turbines.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned . . .

Happy Holidays from the Families!

Things have been pretty quiet lately. Well, within the town not with the turbines. It’s a busy time of year for the families, so unless something blog worthy happens we’ll say Happy Holidays and see you next year.

Silent Night, Holy Night
All Is Calm, All Is Bright . . .

Yeah, Sure. Happy Thanksgiving!

The Littlefield’s family Thanksgiving Day didn’t start out too bad. We had a wonderful lunch with family, stuffed ourselves silly, and headed home to laze around and digest our meal. Unfortunately for us the wind was blowing from the SW and the turbines were thumping and thrashing away. It was aggravating, but bearable with the TV turned up to drown out some of the noise, but as the evening wore on the turbines just got louder. And still louder — through the night and well into late Friday evening.

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